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Saturday's Alright For Commenting: Febuary 6, 2016

Stop by, hangout, and discuss whatever this fine Saturday here at BRB.

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HEY, everyone. Welcome to our Saturday Night Open Thread as we prepare to deal with the end of postseason football, incessant quarterback babbling, and February's doldrums.

This week I've been running seven miles at a time, reading a Light in August by William Faulkner, sucking the sponge dry of Turnover's Peripheral Vision, listening to Prophets of Doom and The American Peril from Hardcore History, and still lamenting the end of Fargo's first season (ACES!), and the amount of time I lost watching the self-pleasuring session that the Cohen Brothers' newest film, Hail, Ceaser! is.

These are all things that I would be discussing here if I wasn't working on a Houston Texans 2015 season review and writing about why DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best receivers in the NFL, despite the casual fans who neglect his brilliance.

Feel free to talk about whatever and thank you for your contributions that keep BRB the thing that it is, whatever that may be.