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Super Bowl 50 Live: Carolina Panthers v. Denver Broncos

Football fans, many of whom once rooted wildly for several current members of the Denver Broncos, talk about Super Bowl 50 as it happens LIVE on Battle Red Blog.

The losing team gets to keep the "5" or the "0."  But not both.
The losing team gets to keep the "5" or the "0." But not both.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A little less than a month ago, back during the halcyon days of early January 2016, the 2015 NFL Playoffs started with a rather profound thud when your Houston Texans got their brakes beaten off of them by the Kansas City Chiefs. Tonight, the 2015 season will come to a close with either the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers as the last team standing.

After that, we'll be completely immersed in the offseason, all in the name of building to yet another campaign that will culminate right here in Houston, Texas in February of 2017.

This evening, however, we take one final gulp of meaningful NFL football. Soak it in. Enjoy it. It's the Super Bowl. Make your final prediction and take the conversation to the Comments to chat about "The Big Game" below.