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Are You Happy For The Former Houston Texans Who Just Won The Super Bowl As Denver Broncos?

There were a whole lot of Houston Texans alumni on the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl winning team last night. How do Texans fans feel about that?

The Son of Bum got himself a ring last night.
The Son of Bum got himself a ring last night.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champs, and several former employees of the Houston Texans have now scaled the mountain that eluded them in Houston.

Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Rick Dennison, Reggie Herring, Greg Knapp, Bill Kollar, Brian Pariani, all of whom spent time on the Texans' coaching staff before this season, are champions. Owen Daniels, James Ferentz, Ryan Harris, Shiloh Keo, and Antonio Smith, all of whom played for the Texans in seasons past during the Gary Kubiak Era, are champions.

As Texans fans, how do you feel about that? Are you happy for the ex-Texans? Or do you begrudge them the success that they never had while in Houston? Or perhaps you're ambivalent, full of conflict over the Broncos winning it all. Maybe you're devoid of emotion, thinking it doesn't really affect you one way or the other.  Take a look at the poll, cast a vote, and then explain yourself in the Comments below.