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2016 NFL Franchise Tag Tracker: Which Players Got Tagged Today?

Today is the deadline for NFL teams to unilaterally force certain free agents to be to continue negotiating or even stay in town one more year. Find out which teams used the franchise or transition tag on which players on Battle Red Blog.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to this handy NFL calendar, teams have until 3 p.m. CST today to apply franchise or transition tags to potential free agents. If you're looking for a primer on what those labels mean, check this post out from last year.

As those tags concern your Houston Texans, I remain of the mind that the Texans won't tag anyone this year.

/waits for inevitable tweet that the Texans have in fact tagged someone
//still waiting
///decides to just finish post

While things may be quiet on that front in Houston, there has been a fair amount of hubbub elsewhere today. To wit:

So if you've got dreams of Kirk Cousins wearing steel blue, battle red, and liberty white in 2016, you'd better be cool with not having a first round draft pick for the next two Aprils (assuming Washington is even willing to consider letting Cousins go). More tagging tidbits:

Miller getting tagged is only the first domino to fall in Broncos' free agency. Players they might normally consider using the tag on will now be free to sign elsewhere if new contracts aren't agreed to by March 9th.  Two players in particular may perk up the ears of some Texans fans...

And the final player to be tagged as of the penning of this entry:

Speaking of the Bills, this is not tag news, but it still qualifies as noteworthy:

We'll update this post as necessary. In the meantime, weigh in with your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Two more players were slapped with the franchise tag.

In addition to all Texans players, the following avoided being tagged by their respective teams:

In fact, one of those gentlemen has already re-upped with his team.

UPDATE II: A bit more tagging before you go:

It would appear Brett's dream of a Wilkerson-Watt pairing has been crushed.

It would also appear my dream of Justin Tucker reenacting this kick for the Texans has also been crushed.