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2016 NFL Free Agency Tracker (Day Four): Signings, Trades, Rumors, More

Follow along as the news breaks here at Battle Battle Red Blog.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Wow. Yesterday was an Armageddon. After the majority of the day ticked away, and patience waned, the Texans went all in on free agency. First, they outbid the Broncos on Brock Osweiler. Then they outbid the Dallas Cowboys for Lamar Miller. Then Brandon Brooks left for Philadelphia, and the Texans stole Jeff Allen away from the Kansas City Chiefs with a front-loaded contract. It was wild. It was exhausting.

Now that the big pieces are off the board, today should be quieter. Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, Bruce Irvin, Doug Martin and others have made their decision. What's left now are capable starters and where teams can find value. Guys like Nick Fairley, Rashad Johnson, and Jahri Evans are examples of players with talent who can be had for a cheaper amount than their gilded counterparts. Texans still have around $10 million or so in cap money, so they can work to score the "sneaky" signings that will be valuable when football is played instead of talked about.

Also, now that the puzzle is starting to come together and the Texans know what they have, they could cut Brian Hoyer or Akeem Dent today, which would create more space. Both these players are bad.  Both should be released. Cutting Hoyer saves $5 million and cutting Dent saves a little over $2 million.

Now that you are caught up, follow along at BRB while the news breaks.

Got another story or rumor we missed? Leave it in the Comments.  In the meantime, share your thoughts on the comings and goings of the fourth day of the free agent frenzy.