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Brock Osweiler Press Conference: Houston Texans Introduce New Quarterback

The Houston Texans have themselves a new quarterback, and he's about to have his first press conference as a member of the Texans. Follow the presser live on Battle Red Blog.

Meet Houston, Brock.
Meet Houston, Brock.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Technically, we don't know what today's 3 p.m. press conference is about, but we do know that Brock Osweiler has agreed to join the Houston Texans. We also know he got into town last night. It's a safe bet that the Texans are about to introduce Brock Osweiler to the media, so consider this your open thread to discuss Brock Osweiler's introductory press conference in Houston.

You can stream the press conference online live by clicking here, with the warning that the Texans' website stream can get choppy or difficult at times, based on past experiences.

Enjoy the show. It's time to meet your new quarterback, Houston.

UPDATE: Still no press conference, but it looks like we'll be treated to all four of the Texans' free agent signings from yesterday.

UPDATE #2: Brock Osweiler's entire press conference has been uploaded to the NFL's official YouTube page. You can tell that the young man has been taking copious notes on how Peyton Manning has handled the media over the least four years. There's a lot to like there.