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Brock Osweiler Already Establishing Himself As Leader Of Texans' Offense

If Brock Osweiler learned anything from Peyton Manning in these last four years, it's how to endear himself to his teammates.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Brock Osweiler is apparently already taking the time to establish himself as a leader to  the Houston Texans' locker room despite only being on the team for less than three days.

It should be noted that Akeem Hunt was the fifth string running back on this roster last year behind Arian Foster, Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, and Jonathan Grimes. If a (former) backup’s backup is getting texts like this from Osweiler, it is safe to say that he has been personally reaching out to every member of the Texans offense since signing his $72 million contract on Wednesday.

The jury might still be out on if Osweiler will be a true franchise quarterback in Houston, but at least we already know the guy is a class act.