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2016 Houston Texans Free Agency: How Much Money Do The Texans Have Left Under The Salary Cap?

The Texans went on a bit of a spending spree in free agency last week. Now that the contracts have been signed, find out how much cap room the team has left.

Does Osweiler's arrival ensure Hoyer's departure?
Does Osweiler's arrival ensure Hoyer's departure?
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Before free agency began, the NFL announced that the salary cap for 2016 would be $155,270,000.00 per team. After adding four new players and re-signing several of their own last week, some Texans fans have asked exactly how much money the team has left for additional moves. Aaron Wilson has the answer in this story.

The Texans are now $10.354 million under the NFL salary-cap limit of $155.27 million following their major spending spree, according to NFL Players Association documents.

They had $42 million in salary-cap space until early last week when they signed several players.

That $10 million plus in cap room could increase, should the Texans decide to part ways with other players on the current roster. For example, according to Spotrac, Brian Hoyer's contract calls for him to count $4,859,375.00 against the Texans' 2016 cap right now, but none of that money is of the "dead cap" variety, so the team could see sizable savings and increased cap space if they parted ways with Hoyer via release or trade.