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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: March 19, 2016

Pull up a chair and join us for tonight's Saturday Night Open Thread, a/k/a SNOT.

Former Houston Texan Mike Brisiel.
Former Houston Texan Mike Brisiel.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's reminiscing time here at SNOT this week.  For me, at least.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about some of my favorite under the radar Houston Texans.  I think that's because,  I caught myself wondering what happened to Mike Brisiel, the former guard.  He was a joy to watch during his time here, a hard-working offensive lineman who didn't get a lot of press or attention.

Antonio Smith is another guy I miss.  Sure, he received more "ink" than a lot of guys, but the dude was fierce, never taking a play off.  And you can tell he loves playing the game.

Who are some of your favorite Texans or players from any team and era whom you enjoyed watching who kinda flew under the radar?  Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

As usual, this is an open thread for any topic on your mind, especially regarding the NCAA tourney (though nobody should care anymore).  Just please be sure to follow the blog guidelines, and, most of all, be kind to each other.