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Brock Osweiler Organizing Houston Texans Workouts In Arizona Before OTAs

The new quarterback of the Houston Texans isn't waiting until OTAs to get work in with his new teammates.

Swapping out orange for battle red.
Swapping out orange for battle red.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The first story in today's Newswire was about how J.J. Watt flew several of his Texans teammates up to Wisconsin to work out (and hang out when they're not working out) this offseason. The new quarterback for your Houston Texans seems to have the same idea.

Building chemistry and timing with new teammates, particularly on offense, is crucial to any quarterback, and it becomes an even bigger deal when said QB hasn't had the opportunity to take any snaps with said teammates. While putting forth this sort of effort doesn't guarantee anything, it's still cool to see Osweiler organizing these types of extracurricular activities. Consider it a promising second step for a player who's trying to establish himself as a leader in Houston.