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2016 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: It Has Begun

It's that time of year when the various SB Nation NFL sites play general manager for their respective teams for two rounds in a mock-up of the 2016 NFL Draft. The proceedings have begun, and you can see which player each team's fans believes should be taken at their respective slot.

BRB's reaction when the masthead makes its pick.
BRB's reaction when the masthead makes its pick.
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Shortly after Battle Red Blog became living, breathing, complete waste of your time every day, the SB Nation NFL Mock Draft was born. The premise was simple. Ask each of the NFL team sites on SB Nation to serve as fake general managers for their respective teams and participate in a network-wide mock draft. For that first year, trades were allowed, and history shows that those fake-running the Houston Texans took full advantage of the freedom that allowed. It was electric. It was unprecedented. It was one of the top three moments of Scott's life.

Should you wish to see how the "brain trust" of BRB did over the years (trades were unfortunately outlawed after the maiden voyage in 2007), you can check out our picks for 2008 here, 2009 here, 2010 here and here, 2011 here and here, 2012 here and here, 2013 here and here, 2014 here and here, and 2015 here and here.

We have nearly reached the end of March, which means that it's time for the SB Nation Mock Draft to rise from the ashes, born anew for the specific purpose of inspiring every team's fan base to loudly proclaim that those running its SB Nation fan site have absolutely no idea what they're doing and should be summarily barred from ever commenting about football again. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The 2016 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft is underway.

Although the Houston Texans' first round pick at No. 22 won't be disclosed for several days, we'll be getting it submitted in the next few days. With it being rather difficult to read minds and all, thus making it virtually impossible to guess who'll actually be available when our pick is due, feel free to state your case for any player you believe could be available when the Texans go on the fake clock in this fake draft. Perhaps you--yes, YOU, with the Cheetos dust on your keyboard and the half-empty can of Four Loko to your left--will be the one who sways us to select your draft crush.