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Rahim Moore Released By Houston Texans

After just one year, the Texans have decided to part ways with one of their biggest free agent signings of 2015. Find out why on Battle Red Blog.

Awesome picture on a number of levels.
Awesome picture on a number of levels.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Much like Garrett Graham's release, you knew this was coming.

Signed to a three-year deal as a free agent by the Texans less than a year ago, Rahim Moore was promptly installed as a starter at safety. After just eight games, most notably the debacles against the Falcons and Dolphins, Moore was benched. Andre Hal took over.

Actually, saying Moore was "benched" is an understatement. Like Garrett Graham, Moore found himself a healthy scratch, not even suiting up on game day despite being capable of doing so. That's astounding. Here's a guy the team signed to a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal just months earlier, and now the coaching staff doesn't even want him dressing for games, much less playing.

Moore described the feeling of being benched as "mortifying," though he claimed not to know why it happened. I think Brett Kollmann explained the why fairly well:

Well, it probably had something to do with his poor pursuit angles and tackling being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three gigantic touchdowns for the Dolphins in Week Seven. That’s right--21 first half points and a whopping 192 yards were square on the shoulders of Rahim Moore and his absolutely gawdawful tackling on the second level. In a debacle of a game that was chock-full of absurd numbers and stats, those might be the most disturbing of the bunch.

As bad as his time in Houston was, Moore's still young and has had some success in the NFL. He'll find work with another team. All the best to him as he embarks upon that journey.