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"Nothing But Love On This End" -- Arian Foster Posts Heartfelt Thank You To The City Of Houston After Release

Arian Foster graciously thanked the many, many fans who supported him during his seven-year stint with the Houston Texans. Come join us in the 5th stage of grief here on Battle Red Blog.

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Arian Foster is no longer a Houston Texan, and that's hard to accept, but reading his post on Instagram today took much of the sting away. Have a look-see:

in 2009 I flew to Houston with every piece of clothing I owned and told my mother I wasn't coming home. I'll find my way. ambitious for an undrafted rookie that knew nothing about anything. but that's exactly what I did. this ride has had a multitude of ups and downs, but perspective is key. I've got 7 years of beautiful memories with teammates, staff and coaches I'll never forget. thank you all for being a part of this journey. people that I call friends and brothers have all contributed to the success of what we did on the field, and also to the person that I am off. with everything in me, I love and respect the men and women you are. you are a part of me for good. and to the city of houston, I genuinely appreciate every ounce of love I've ever gotten. from seeing a small kid to an 80 year old man wear my jersey. I never took it for granted. we're all just guessing our way through life, being the best people we can, and the people of this city have put a lot of joy in the hearts of my self and my family. onward we march, it's been real. nothing but love on this end.

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The most prolific running back in Texans history has always had a way with words, and this wall of text was no different. With his utter dismantling of the Colts in the 2010 opener, Foster saved us from having to watch a multitude of no-name running backs (remember Ryan Moats?), flashes-in-the-pan (remember Steve Slaton?) and veterans way past their primes (remember Ahman Green?). Instead, he gave us some of the most thrilling moments we'll remember as fans, with his electric cuts, smooth running style and telescopic vision.

The two-time All-Pro finished his time with the Texans with 6,472 rushing yards, 56 rushing touchdowns, 2,268 receiving yards and 14 receiving touchdowns... all franchise records for a running back (I'm assuming, because duh).

So thank you right back at you, Mr. Foster. You deserve every bit of success you've worked for, and we're all better fans for having gotten to watch it happen.