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Report: Peyton Manning Will Announce Retirement Tomorrow

As the longtime foil of the Houston Texans rides off into the sunset, BRB asks how Peyton Manning's departure affects what the Texans will do to fix their issues at quarterback.

Another press conference is coming.
Another press conference is coming.
Joey Foley/Getty Images

While many thought Peyton Manning would call it a career after winning his second Super Bowl, there was some speculation that he might try to play another year. Nope. Tomorrow, Peyton Manning will officially walk away from the NFL (as a player, anyway).

Wherever you believe Manning belongs in the pantheon of NFL greats, there's no denying he had a stellar career. From the perspective of Houston Texans fans, he single-handedly destroyed the Texans, nearly without interruption, throughout his time with the Colts. He was, quite simply, phenomenal.

But this post isn't about expressing admiration for Peyton Manning's career. There will be plenty of other places to do that. No, this post is to ask how Peyton Manning's retirement will affect the Houston Texans' offseason plans at quarterback. Although I never really put any stock in the idea that Bill O'Brien would pursue Manning for the QB vacancy here, I do give the possibility of the team chasing Brock Osweiler, should he become a free agent, some credence. With yesterday's report that Denver has offered Osweiler a contract of three years and more than $45,000,000.00 (albeit one with the guaranteed money unknown), it would seem the Broncos are serious about keeping Osweiler from hitting the market.

Not that we know whether Denver had any desire to bring Manning back for next season (they certainly didn't at his current cap number), but Manning's decision to walk away means there's one less option at quarterback for NFL teams, which presumably boosts the value of the other QBs out there.  How, if at all, do you expect the void created by Peyton Manning's departure to impact the Texans' ability to address their hole at QB?  Do you believe it changes the odds that Brock Osweiler leaves Denver, whether it be for Houston or somewhere else?