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2016 Houston Texans Free Agency Tracker: Updating As The News Breaks

Use this as your thread to follow the Texans' signings as the 2016 free agency season kicks off in earnest.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

From Tania Ganguli, we have already gotten news of the following re-signings:

As Big Matt Weston said:

You can't pass up the chance to bring back the kicking part of the worst special teams in the league.

Hopefully, we'll bring in some much-needed competition for Lechler and Novak, as they both badly need to be replaced, though I understand why they were re-signed today.

I will say, however, I'm excited about bringing Adams and especially Charles James II back into the fold.  Our special teams coverage play improved tremendously once James was back on the roster.

Use this thread to talk about Texans signings and re-signings.  We'll create a special celebration thread once we sign Robert Griffin III or ink Brock Osweiler to an eleventy billion dollar contract.

UPDATE: Brandon Brooks will not lack for suitors or money if he hits the market.