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2016 NFL Free Agency Tracker: Houston Texans Re-Sign Four Players

Find out which four veterans turned down the option to become free agents and have already agreed to contracts to remain Houston Texans in 2016.

We hear you, CJ.
We hear you, CJ.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

NFL contracts don't technically expire until 3 p.m. CST on Wednesday, but that doesn't mean that teams can't re-sign players they employed in 2015 to new deals before then. To that end, your Houston Texans are making sure to lock down some of the guys they'd like to see back in 2016.

Of those four, I'd say I'm most pleased to see Charles James back. Publicity from "Hard Knocks" aside, CJII showed he can contribute on special teams and in the secondary when the team brought him back, and he did the majority of it on a broken foot. He provides solid depth.

Novak and Lechler re-signing doesn't shock me, though I am very curious to see what kind of money Lechler in particular got. I thought the Texans would consider attempting to upgrade at both positions, and perhaps they still will through a competition at training camp. As fantastic a career as Shane Lechler has had, he shouldn't be considered untouchable anymore.

Frankly, I'm stunned the team re-upped Jeff Adams. To my admittedly amateur and untrained eye, Adams didn't play well when forced into duty early in the 2015 season, and he's coming off a torn patellar tendon. That doesn't exactly scream "priority free agent" to me, but that's one of the many reasons I don't get paid for my personnel evaluations.

Thoughts on this news? Think we'll get similar stories about the team coming to terms with Brandon Brooks and/or Ben Jones before the market opens on Wednesday?

UPDATE: Details on Novak and Lechler's new deals: