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2016 NFL Free Agency Tracker: AFC South Signings, Trades, Rumors

The Houston Texans weren't the only team making noise on the first day of the legal tampering period. See what the rest of the AFC South was up to today.

Tennessee bound.
Tennessee bound.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While the dominant story of the day linked them to Brock Osweiler if he hits the free agent market, the Houston Texans spent the first day of the legal tampering period attending to their own players, re-signing four veterans while still seemingly working on bringing back other free agents to be. Their AFC South compatriots also made some noise today.

The Colts agreed to terms with one of their tight ends:

Colts fans seem to think the team overpaid, but that Allen's potential makes the decision a worthwhile gamble.

The Titans acquired themselves a rather pricey running back in trade:

After leading the league in rushing with the Cowboys in 2014, Murray was an unmitigated disaster in Philadelphia last year. Naturally, Titans fans want to know what they gave up for the running back. Tennessee is also reportedly interested in--and allegedly leading in the race for--Damon Harrison. Time will tell if the Titans are willing to pay what's sure to be a huge number for the free agent nose tackle.

Finally, the Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly one of three possible landing spots for a former member of the Houston Texans.

If Jason Cole's right, it seems like it's simply a matter of who's willing to meet Super Mario's price first.

Got another story or rumor we missed? Leave it in the Comments.  In the meantime, share your thoughts on the comings and goings of the first day of the free agent frenzy.