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2016 NFL Free Agency Tracker (Day Two): AFC South Signings, Trades, Rumors, More

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The big news yesterday was the Philadelphia Eagles creating cap space by taking a piece of plastic wrap (that's what they do in "CSI," right?) and removing Chip Kelly's finger prints from the team by trading Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell, and most importantly to the Houston Texans, DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans. So far today no moves have been made that directly affect the Houston Texans, but there have been some developments that indirectly affect them.

Follow along at BRB while the news breaks:

Kelechi Osemele:

The former Baltimore Ravens right guard has been a purple pushing monster up to this point. As a result, he is now one of the five highest paid offensive linemen in the league. The reasons why are: he's 26, entering the prime of his career, the Raiders have a ton of cap space thanks to their best players being on rookie contracts, Oakland needs to spend money to hit the salary cap floor, and Osemele's really good. With Osemele, Rodney Hudson, and Gabe Jackson, the Raiders have one of the best interior blocking lines in the NFL. The interesting thing will be if Oakland actually pays a guard $12 million a year or if they move him to tackle.

As it affects the Houston Texans, Brandon Brooks is now the best guard on the market. Like Osemele, he's entering the prime of his career and has blossomed into one of the better guards in the NFL these last two seasons. Brooks can play both power and zone schemes, which means he can play for just about any team in the league. The latter part of this last sentence, and the billion+ dollars teams have in cap space, means that the Texans will probably have to pay $7-8 million a year to keep him on the team or Brewton will be dismantled. This is so sad.

Malik Jackson:

The Jaguars had the most cap space of any team entering this offseason, and they have already started tossing cash. They are going to sign Malik Jackson to a six-year deal, and he will be paid somewhere around $15 million a year. The Jaguars are dying for pass rushing talent, even though Jackson was a 3-4 DE in Denver. He will have to either be tinkered in the scheme to fit or will play a variation of his position at "5" and "7" techniques. Playing him twice a year for the next six years will be tough. It will be even tougher if Brandon Brooks isn't there to knock him around.

UPDATE: That is some...absurd guaranteed money for Malik Jackson.

Brock Osweiler:

According to Adam Schefter, the highly coveted giraffe turned quarterback will most likely stay in Denver or head to Houston. Despite putting up similar numbers to Brian Hoyer, Osweiler has potential at the age of 25 and played well in spite of his situation and being the backup. There's no news yet of when this deal will get done and how much it may cost.

Calvin Johnson:

Like Marshawn Lynch and Patrick Willis, Calvin Johnson has decided to retire at the age of 30 even though he has four years and $67 million left on his deal. No matter what jersey color your heart follows, it's disappointing that he will only be seen on YouTube highlights from now on rather than Sundays.

Jason Pierre-Paul:

Despite playing with one hand and being unproductive, the Giants have resigned the CLAW on an 1 year, $10.5 million deal. He was pretty useless last season and could only shove with one hand.  He couldn't use his array of pass rush moves, and he was unable to get under an offensive lineman's pads. I'm guessing the Giants will make some of their money back by allowing fans to pay $5 to see the CLAW and a bearded woman.

Lamar Miller:

Per Aaron Wilson, "the Texans have strong interest in Lamar Miller." Houston doesn't have a skill player with speed and their entire backfield is best described as middling. Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, and Jonathan Grimes are all below average players. Miller would be a great addition if the price is right. He's quick, has straight line speed, can make people miss, and can catch passes out of the backfield. The news swirling is that he wants around $5 million a year. The question that needs to be answered is whether the Texans are willing to offer him that.

Bjoern Werner:

Former first round pick Bjoern Werner is out in Indianapolis. After being drafted in the first round with the 24th overall pick of the 2013 draft he has managed to accrue just 6.5 sacks. He was entering the last year of his rookie contract and the Colts save just a bit over $1.5 million for doing this.

Got another story or rumor we missed? Leave it in the Comments.  In the meantime, share your thoughts on the comings and goings of the first day of the free agent frenzy.