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2016 NFL Free Agency Tracker: Miami Dolphins Sign Mario Williams

The former Texan heads to his third team. Find out the details of Mario Williams' new contract, as well as what his former teammates in Buffalo had to say about him, on Battle Red Blog.

From Bill to Phin.
From Bill to Phin.
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

While Texans fans didn't expect the first overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft to take another tour of duty in Houston, there was some concern that Mario Williams might choose to head to Jacksonville; the Jaguars are flush with cap room and have a real need for more pass rushers, even with the addition of Malik Jackson. Fortunately for Texans fans, almost four years after he left Houston for Buffalo, we won't have to deal with the possibility of playing Super Mario twice a year. He's heading to Florida, but not Jacksonville.

Mario's former teammates with the Bills aren't exactly mourning his departure.

Woof. Best to Mario as he continues his career with the Dolphins.

UPDATE: The specifics of Mario Williams' new contract with the Dolphins: