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2016 NFL Free Agent Tracker: Denver Broncos "Have Gained Steam" In Brock Osweiler Negotiations; Texans "Skeptical" They Can Sign Him

Find out the latest on the status of the Texans' purported efforts to lure Brock Osweiler away from Denver on Battle Red Blog.

Staying put?  Was he ever really leaving?
Staying put? Was he ever really leaving?
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Updating Brett's post about the Broncos reengaging in negotiations with Brock Osweiler...

We may never know how seriously the Texans truly are/were about signing Brock Osweiler. As you'd expect, there hasn't been a single word that's emanated from the organization itself about their interest in Osweiler. It's entirely possible the Texans have simply been used as leverage to increase the amount of money the Broncos pay.  Given the nature of breathless free agency speculation and all the lying/exaggeration that accompanies it from various media outlets, it's all a guess.

Regardless, at this point, the tea leaves seem to indicate that the Texans' search for a quarterback won't end with them signing Osweiler.  With the caveat that it's subject to change (especially if news breaks that Osweiler is on a plane to Houston), are there any other free agent quarterbacks you believe the Texans should turn their attention to?

UPDATE: The best part of posts like these is how they can be comically wrong yet immortalized forever. Your Houston Texans have signed Brock Osweiler.