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2016 NFL Free Agent Tracker: Houston Texans Sign Former Broncos Quarterback Brock Osweiler

You want a new quarterback, Houston? You've got one.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Just when we thought the Broncos were closing in on a deal with Brock Osweiler, Rick Smith made one final push to get the deal done.

This. Changes. Everything. We will update this post throughout the day with any new information on Osweiler’s contract, as well as any complementary signings the Texans may make to go along with their shiny new quarterback.

UPDATE: Confirmaton on Osweiler signing with the Texans:

UPDATE 2: Osweiler's new deal is worth $18 million per year, which falls right in line with Sam Bradford in Philadelphia.

UPDATE 3: More than half of Osweiler's new contract with the Texans is guaranteed.

UPDATE 4: Now we know how the money is spread out. From the Texans' perspective, it sure looks good.