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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Is Josh Doctson An Option For The Texans?

When it comes to breaking in a brand new quarterback, you can never have enough weapons.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver is becoming more and more popular as a mock pick for the Texans as the 2016 NFL Draft approaches. Some analysts favor the physicality of Ole Miss’ Laquon Treadwell or the polish of Michael Thomas, while others (like myself) are excited about the explosiveness of Baylor’s Corey Coleman. To complement DeAndre Hopkins down in the red zone, however, SB Nation’s own Dan Kadar sees Bill O’Brien going after the one receiver prospect in this class who already closely resembles Hopkins’ dominant jump ball skills.

22. Houston Texans - Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

It seems like the Texans can't go wrong regardless of whichever wide receiver they take with this pick (unless of course they really go off the board and take a late-round receiver, which won't happen). Doctson is a big play waiting to happen thanks to his ability to go up and win jump balls and stretch the field. Having him opposite DeAndre Hopkins would give teams nightmares.

When you throw in Jaelen Strong’s ability on "50/50 balls", a combination of all three of these big receivers could be extraordinarily lethal against teams with size deficiencies at cornerback. Catch radius is a quarterback’s best friend when trying to fit passes into NFL-sized windows; between Hopkins, Strong, and Doctson, it is really hard to imagine any team in the league having a higher cumulative catch radius than that.

What do you think about adding even more size to the Texans' receiving corps? Would Brock Osweiler benefit more from Corey Coleman’s speed and/or Michael Thomas' route running experience, or is Doctson’s remarkable reliability when the ball is in the air just what Houston’s shiny new quarterback needs in order to be successful?