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Broncos LB Brandon Marshall: "We're Coming for Brock Osweiler"

Actual trash talk? In April? Oh football, how I've missed thee.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos seem to be just a little bit hot and bothered about Brock Osweiler leaving their team in favor of greener pastures in Houston. In fact, some players seem so miffed about the jersey change that they have already circled their primetime contest with the Texans on the calendar in Week Seven.

Brandon Marshall is obviously not insinuating that he intends to injure Osweiler during the game (or at least I hope he is not insinuating that), but he is making it clear that the Broncos very much see this contest as a revenge game. They are going to come at this Texans offense with everything they’ve got which, considering how much firepower that defense has in the first place, is a terrifying thought. Not only that, but Broncos coaches Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips likely want a little revenge of their own after their respective firings in Houston at the end of 2013.

Conversely, even Brock Osweiler himself may be looking for some vengeance against Denver for their perceived slight in benching him in Qeek 17 in favor of a largely ineffective (up to that point in the season) Peyton Manning. Osweiler went 5-2 as a starter for Denver and played well enough to secure them home-field advantage throughout the postseason, the same home-field advantage that likely helped them secure a trip to the Super Bowl in the first place. Manning played his role as a game manager during the postseason and let his defense do the heavy lifting, but there was no indication from Osweiler’s regular season play that he could not have been even better in that same exact role. In Osweiler's mind, that ring was his to earn, and the opportunity was stripped from him for no other reason than "because Peyton Manning, bro". Being the competitor he is, Osweiler wants to show Denver just how big of a mistake they made in that Week 17 benching, and the best way to do that is to rub their faces in the scoreboard for four straight quarters.

Long story short, this is the rare revenge game where both teams have a beef to settle with each other. Houston wants to crush Denver just as badly as Denver wants to crush Houston.  Generally that kind of angst-filled, charged-up environment makes the product on the field that much more exciting to watch.

Strap in, ladies and gentlemen.  This one is going to be a blood bath.