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2016 BRB Mock Draft: Thank You!

After a rocky start to the mock draft, the quality and thoughtfulness of picks was fantastic. Thank you!

Here, have a picture of JJ smiling.'ve earned it.
Here, have a picture of JJ smiling.'ve earned it.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit that, at a certain point around pick nine, I didn't think we'd actually finish the 2016 BRB Mock Draft.  Between virtual GMs disappearing and analysis that consisted of "I almost forgot my pick it's ," it was incredibly difficult to see the draft completing successfully.

We in the masthead put out a plea to please write thoughtful analysis, and it's safe to say y'all went well above beyond even that.  My sincere thanks to everybody who participated, writing well thought out arguments as to why teams should take certain players.  Except for those who kept drafting Jared Goff.  All of you are banned.

There's talk about a second round mock draft in a FanPost, but I'm not sure of its relevance with the big BE-SFs/Rams trade.  If there is a new mock in a FanPost considering the trade, I'm happy to take part, and I'm sure it'll be easy to find several other volunteers to partake.

Again, thank you from us for getting us through the Mock Draft with such flying colors.  Well done, everybody (except the Goff jokes, natch).