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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: April 16, 2016

Pull up a chair and join us for tonight's Saturday Night Open Thread, a/k/a SNOT.

The Ballhawk Gamecock.
The Ballhawk Gamecock.

So far, we're three episodes into Archer's seventh season.  While it'd be hard to top seasons two and three, I think it's been more than solid.  The best line, of course, was "Hey, Earl Campbell called: he wants his thighs back" from Ray regarding Lana.  Because there can never, ever be enough Earl Campbell references anywhere.  Ever.

I'm also three episodes into Peaky Blinders thanks to a commenter (It'sIndecision?  Nuggle?), which is interesting though not totally in my normal TV genre.  I do like period shows, and there's my infatuation with all things WWI.  Of course, Danny Whizz-Bang is my favorite character because PTSD.

Finally, I'm re-watching The X-Files when I work out.  I don't want anything I have to 100% pay attention to while I work off the fat, but I think the show has held up well after all these years.

What's on your screen these days, BRB?  Talk about the teeeeeveeees or whatever, because...

Welcome to this week's edition of SNOT.  Normal community rules apply, so please be kind to each other.  Don't make me pull this blog over.