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J.J. Watt: "I Have No Idea...When I'll Retire"

The best player in the NFL spoke with MMQB's Peter King. In a wide-ranging interview, he spoke about the injuries he suffered last year, his return from same, and when he'll walk away from football, among many other things. It's a great read for Texans fans.

The fifth groin tear is always the one that really slows a man down.
The fifth groin tear is always the one that really slows a man down.
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

This week's MMQB leads with J.J. Watt talking about his health, how he played through a litany of injuries last season, his thoughts on NFL players walking away from the game at increasingly young ages, and most importantly to Texans fans, some clarification from the man himself concerning the remarks he made in an interview with Sports Radio 610 a couple of weeks ago about how much longer he'd play football.

"I have no idea when it’s going to be, when I’ll retire," he said. "I’m not saying it’s not going to be two, three, four years. But I’m also not saying it’s going to be nine, 10, 11 years. I literally do not know the answer. What I do know is I’m going to continue to train my ass off. I’m going to continue to work to be the best player in the world, and whenever that doesn’t sound fun to me anymore, that’s when it’s over."

Many of us thought the reaction to Watt's interview with 610 was unnecessarily dramatic, and that quote would seem to support that conclusion. J.J. Watt isn't quitting anytime soon.

Peter King's latest is still worth a read, if for nothing else than to get a better appreciation for what Watt accomplished last season in a compromised physical condition, including Watt's assessment that he probably wouldn't have been able to play the following week had the Texans somehow not gotten the snot beaten out of them by the Chiefs. Not that you needed another reason to appreciate the best player in the NFL, of course, but I recommend reading it anyway.