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2016 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: On Behalf Of The Houston Texans, With Their Second Round Pick, Battle Red Blog Selects

It's the rare mock draft with an actual second round. Who did the Houston Texans select to join their brand new wide receiver in this alternative universe? Find out on Battle Red Blog.

A rare "the roof is actually open" shot at NRG Stadium.
A rare "the roof is actually open" shot at NRG Stadium.
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

At a certain point--a point that was in our review mirror many moons ago--mock drafts run together. It is therefore totally understandable if, among the dozens of mock drafts you've read in the last few weeks, you forgot what we did on behalf of your Houston Texans in the 2016 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft. Perhaps you even forgot that the aforementioned mock draft runs for two rounds, meaning the Texans still had another pick to make.

By way of refresher, in our role as the internet version of Rick Smith and/or Bill O'Brien, your humble servants at BRB selected Corey Coleman with the Texans' first round pick in the 2016 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft. What did you we do in the second round at No. 52 overall? Behold the revelation and Brett Kollmann's accompanying analysis!

52. Houston Texans: Hunter Henry (TE--Arkansas)

Much like with our pick of Corey Coleman in the first round, our goal with this selection was to continue to surround Brock Osweiler with as much talent as humanly possible. Hunter Henry isn’t exactly Tyler Eifert or Eric Ebron when it comes to athleticism, but he has extremely reliable hands and a great understanding of body positioning and subtlety when running routes down field. He’s a guy that won’t get nearly as much separation as most top receiving tight ends in the league, but his game really lends itself more towards an "open even when he’s not open" kind of style anyway.

Considering all of the pure athleticism that the Texans already have on offense, between DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller, and Corey Coleman, they don’t need him to be a world class physical specimen. Houston just needs a guy that can block well at the point of attack and be relied on to move the chains on third down every once in awhile. In essence, Bill O’Brien needs a young carbon copy of Heath Miller, and Hunter Henry is about the closest thing to a young Heath Miller you’re going to get in this draft class.

Love it? Hate it? Completely nonplussed by it? Sound off in the Comments below. If you want to read what draft guru Dan Kadar thought of the move, you can read his reaction to the pick here.