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2016 BRB NFL Mock Draft: With the Tenth Pick, the New York Giants Select...

H&HGuy mocks a new teammate for the New York Giants. Bang the link to see the lucky winner.

Eli and Odell get a new little friend.
Eli and Odell get a new little friend.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the tenth (10th) pick of the BRB NFL Mock Draft, H&HGuy selects...

Giants GM Jerry Reese came to the startling realization that he could only recognize the faces of three players on his own team, and one of them blew his finger off shooting fireworks. Naturally, when a GM realizes this, he has the impulse to spend 200+ million dollars of someone else’s money in an attempt to cover up how poor of a job he has done since the team’s last playoff appearance, which, coincidentally, is exactly what happened.

With the belief that their rebuilt defensive line is enough to turn Tom Brady’s dreams of Uggs, Superbowl rings, and his children into nightmares of Bill Bellicheck sex life, the "vaunted" Giants pass rush, and Giselle, the team will decide to take RB Ezekiel Elliot with the 10th pick in the draft.

While Zeke is not quite the prospect Todd Gurley was, he has the patience, vision, and strength to be a feature back in an NFL offense, especially one in which the primary defensive onus will focus on Odell and Eli.

With over 50 passes and 400 yards receiving over the last two seasons, Zeke has proven to be a game changer in all phases of the game, and having played under an elite coach against the best of the best of college football, his transition to the NFL should be a smooth one.

The only real knock on Zeke are the rumors of substance abuse, and, of course, his cringe worthy questioning of Urban Meyers playcalling publicly. However, the possibility of getting the best player in the draft with the 10th pick is too great of an opportunity for the Giants to pass up, and an immediate, impact player is ready to fill in day 1 at a position of need.

(Disclaimer: I am the person who mocked Louis Nix III in round 1 to the Saints in 2013, so most of what I said is probably BS)

I have C.Nelson42's pick already, so consider yourself on the clock, Lionlocker.  Your pick is due to me and Tim (send to both) by 10am Sunday morning.  Please feel free to write me and I'll tell you who C.Nelson picked.  The Bears pick will be posted at 2pm CDT.

1. Tennessee Titans--Laremy Tunsil (OT--Ole Miss)

2. Cleveland Browns--Joey Bosa (DE--Ohio State)

3. San Diego Chargers--Jalen Ramsey (CB/S--FSU)

4. Los Angeles Rams--Carson Wentz (QB--NDSU)

5. Jacksonville Jaguars--Myles Jack (LB--UCLA)

6. Baltimore Ravens--DeForest Buckner (DL--Oregon)

7. San Francisco 49ers--Jared Goff (QB--California)

8. Philadelphia Eagles--Vernon Hargreaves III (CB--Florida)

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Ronnie Stanley (OT--Notre Dame)

10. New York Giants--Ezekiel Elliott (HB--Ohowihateohio State)

11. Chicago Bears--C.Nelson42

12. New Orleans Saints--Lionlocker

13. Miami Dolphins--Free2shred00

14. Oakland Raiders--BostonianToro

15. Dallas Cowboys--Roll.Texans.Roll (VIA TRADE)

16. Detroit Lions--Huggy The Bear

17. Atlanta Falcons--athens_murder

18. Indianapolis Colts--FreedomRide

19. Buffalo Bills--Texstros9495

20. New York Jets--Houstonkingo

21. Washington Redskins--whiteiron

22. Houston Texans--BRB Staff

23. Minnesota Vikings--King_of_the_Gridiron

24. Cincinnati Bengals--Summer of Watt

25. Pittsburgh Steelers--GannonNash

26. Seattle Seahawks--thepencilneck

27. Green Bay Packers--FeedEmToTheWolves1099

28. Kansas City Chiefs--Senor Stan

29. Arizona Cardinals--HovaFlow

30. Carolina Panthers--Vance87

31. Denver Broncos--viper17d