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Will The Houston Texans Select A Quarterback In The 2016 NFL Draft?

That question seemed absurd in February. It still may be, but for a completely different reason.

A late-round flyer on the Hoosier's QB?
A late-round flyer on the Hoosier's QB?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Your Houston Texans currently have three (3) quarterbacks under contract for 2016--the recently signed Brock Osweiler, the recently re-signed Brandon Weeden, and Tom Savage. Brian Hoyer has been cut, and so has B.J. Daniels.

As the 2015 season progressed and came to an ignominious end, it was a foregone conclusion the Texans would draft at least one quarterback. The only questions were when, who, and how many.  Then the Texans shelled out big money to bring Brock Osweiler to town, and the roar for the team to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING at QB faded.  Just because the hysteria has dulled, however, doesn't necessarily mean the team will stand pat under center for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Although the idea frightened some Texans fans and analysts alike, there was a camp that once championed (and perhaps still does advocate) Christian Hackenberg for a reunion with Bill O'Brien in Houston. Could it still happen? Hackenberg is sure to get drafted somewhere, no matter how loudly some shout that he shouldn't be drafted at all. While there's no way the Texans would burn a first round pick on Hackenberg with Brock Osweiler here, what about a third rounder? Fourth? Is there a round where you'd applaud acquiring Hackenberg as a developmental prospect?

For all the gnashing of teeth about Hackenberg, the Texans have been doing their homework on other signal-callers.

Do you like the idea of the Texans drafting Sudfeld or Driskel? If so, in what round?

Is there another quarterback you believe the Texans should set their sights on? Who and when?

Or are you of the mind that the Texans have all the QBs they need for 2016 already on the roster? That there are other position groups that are far more in need of buttressing instead of quarterback?

Share your thoughts below and cast your vote in the poll.