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2016 NFL Free Agent Tracker: Guess Which NFL Team Signed Garrett Graham To A One-Year Contract?

I'll give you three guesses. The first two don't count.

Where everyone knows your name.
Where everyone knows your name.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When the Houston Texans cut Garrett Graham nearly two months ago, there weren't a lot of tears shed for the tight end who found himself inactive for an alarming amount of game days this past season despite reportedly being in fine health.  Perhaps it was because we knew it was only a matter of time before Graham would make his way to the one place you figured would always be a possible fit for him, no matter how much bloom was off his rose. Naturally, it's now official.

We mock Gary Kubiak for loving "his guys," but now he's SUPER BOWL WINNING HEAD COACH Gary Kubiak, so perhaps the mockery is less justified. Let us see if Kubes is able to resurrect the career of a player who moved Matt Weston to pen this post a mere five months ago.