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2016 NFL Draft Results: Houston Texans Select Will Fuller 21st Overall

Hopkins, Miller, Strong, and Fuller. Good luck stopping that, NFL.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans came into this offseason with an overwhelming need to add more weapons to their roster. Star receiver DeAndre Hopkins practically carried the Houston offense all by himself as poor quarterback play, a subpar running back rotation, and unreliable tight ends ensured the Texans would see an early playoff exit. Simply put, this team was destined to go nowhere in 2016 without a complete offensive overhaul, and that’s exactly what they did. Brock Osweiler was signed to a big money deal, Lamar Miller was brought in to add more juice to the backfield, and now with the 21st overall pick (after moving up one slot, at the cost of a 2017 sixth round pick) in the 2016 NFL Draft, your Houston Texans have selected Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame).

Fuller was arguably the most feared wide receiver in all of college football in 2015, if only for his reputation for instantaneously flipping the field. To put it simply, there’s fast, and then there’s Will Fuller fast. In fact, calling Fuller merely "fast" is almost an insult to his actual speed – that’s how damn dangerous he is. Critics point to Fuller’s rather diminutive frame and questionable hands as reasons not to draft him in the first round, but his combination of speed, fluidity, and quickness out of breaks might just be rare enough to be worth the risk.

So here we are, Texans fans. You wanted a brand new offense, and this front office did everything in its power to go get one. On Sundays this fall, you are going to see Brock Osweiler throwing deep bombs to Will Fuller, Lamar Miller breaking off long runs, and a duo of jump ball threats in DeAndre Hopkins and Jaelen Strong making a ton of ridiculous catches. I am not about to predict that this new and improved Texans offense is going to be some unstoppable points machine, but it certainly now has enough weapons to come damn close to it.

You done good, Rick Smith. You done good.