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Countdown To The 2016 NFL Draft

Good afternoon, Texans fans. We're gathered here to count down until the draft starts.

Who'll be the lucky guy who gets to hear OB's wisdom every week?
Who'll be the lucky guy who gets to hear OB's wisdom every week?
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Texans' Brain Trust will select the newest member of our hallowed franchise. This young man will be among the lucky few who get to don Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, and Liberty White on Sundays as they play for our favorite football team. While we wait to see who he is, we're here discussing everything under the sun.

Do you think we should go OL, DL, WR, QB, K? This is the place to debate that kind of stuff. Discuss your draft-time meal plans. What commercial do you think will be airing just as the Texans select our guy? How long will it take for the NFL to remember that we exist and flash the name across the scrolling bar, as they move on to the next selection and ignore our existence? What national media talking head will criticize our pick and bemoan past draft misses and skips? What will Bucktooth McHairpiece (thanks, Puppy) have to say about it? How soon will OB be on the defensive about his guy?

This is your Countdown thread. Chill out here until the first open thread is available at 6 p.m.