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2016 NFL Draft Live (First Round, Pt. 1): When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

The long wait ends. The short wait begins. Join fellow Texans fans in watching your life slip away in ten-minute increments.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

April 28th has been a mixed bag for your Houston Texans.

The last time the Texans made any draft selections on April 28 was in 2012.  That day brought in Ben Jones, Keshawn Martin, Jared Crick, Randy Bullock, and Nick Mondek. The last first-round selection on April 28th was in 2011, when they selected some guy named Justin James Watt. April 28, 2007 resulted in Amobi Okoye and Jacoby Jones.

By my count, that's one all-world superstar of unlimited ability (Watt), a couple guys who showed an occasional moment of competence (Jones, Jones, Crick), a bunch of flotsam, and Tim's favorite teenage cautionary tale.

"OK," you may be saying if you are the type of person who argues with a blog post, "but that's misleading and has more to do with the vagaries of scheduling based on days of the week rather than dates on a calendar." To which I would retort (were I in the same room with you), "Fair enough, but I wanted an easy rhetorical device to lead into this post, so why don't you just shut the hell up, BFD?"

ANYWAY...draft day is finally here! Time to hurry up and (probably) wait for about 3.5 hours! This is your open thread to discuss the draft, Ezekiel Elliott's OSU-influenced lack of fashion sense, and all of the picks, both Houston-related and otherwise, as they come in. If and when we get close to 500 comments, a new open thread will spawn, the comments here will close, and you will either move to the new thread or be left alone and unable to communicate.

Come in, sit a spell. The fun--and inevitable disappointment--begins tonight.