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2016 NFL Draft Live (First Round, Pt. 2): And So We Beat On....

The first pick took the full ten minutes. Jeff Fisher cares not for your bedtime or anxiety. Welcome to the second part of the first-round open thread!

He'd be fun to have in Houston.
He'd be fun to have in Houston.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On the list of "Things You Shouldn't Do On Draft Day," posting a video of yourself with a bong 5 minutes before the draft starts is somewhere around stabbing a stripper and answering calls from Mike Mularkey. Yet, that is exactly what Laremy Tunsil apparently did earlier tonight.

Three possible reasons that I can come up with for that approach:

1. Tunsil is really, really dumb.

2. Tunsil really, really, REALLY doesn't want to wind up in some hellhole like Jacksonville and would rather slide to a good team.

3. Someone hacked Tunsil's account.

Of these, I'd say #3 is the most likely, but--as of right now--I can't write off the other explanations. I can say, with absolutely certainty however, that this means Tunsil will NOT be a Houston Texan, even if he falls to 22. Sigh.

Moving on...

As I write this, Dallas just took Ezekiel Elliott. Predictable? Yep. Silly? Probably.

This is your second of an undetermined number of first-round open threads. Bring the conversation here and continue discussing the 2016 NFL Draft.