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Countdown To The 2016 NFL Draft (Day Two)

Afternoon, Texans fanatics. We're back at our digital home whiling away the afternoon until the second day of the 2016 NFL Draft begins.

Who's joining him down on Kirby? Count down until we find out.
Who's joining him down on Kirby? Count down until we find out.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last night, our Houston Texans welcomed Will Fuller, a wide receiver who initially committed to Bill O'Brien's Nittany Lions before scandals and sanctions decimated the program, as our newest player. Tonight, we're tuning in to see who else gets the chance to wear our hallowed colors.

Were you satisfied with the Fuller selection? What TF is Laremy Tunsil's social media password? What do you think happens tonight? Who are you looking at to see how he fits? What's the meal and beer plan for the evening? If you were Uncle Bob, would you be satisfied with last's night move? Would you be down with any effort to draft Christian Hackenberg? Would you kick someone?

This is your Countdown to the NFL Draft thread, where you are free to post your draft-related conspiracy theories, recipes for Battle Red Beer, springtime bluebonnet pics (I know I'm not the only Texan child that endured that sh.t), and whatever other Texan- and Texans-related nonsense your devious minds can come up with. Hang out here with friends until the open thread is available at 6:00 P.M.