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Incompletions: Houston Texans Predictions For The Second Round Of The 2016 NFL Draft

Texans fans make their predictions about what the team will do with its second round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft tonight.

Not the BRB staff, though you wouldn't know it.
Not the BRB staff, though you wouldn't know it.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Before we dive into memorializing our predictions about what your Houston Texans will do in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, please make sure to never forget the following exchange now that Will Fuller is a Houston Texan. From yesterday:

2.) Which player, if drafted by Houston, would make you feel like MDC did when the Texans took Brian Cushing?

Matt Weston:

Uhhhhh...Will Fuller? People are sheep.


Will Fuller. Just say no. Even Touchdown Jesus couldn't save that guy's hands.


Will Fuller, and only Hack in the 1st could rival it.

Capt Ron:

I'm torn between Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame) and Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama). Fuller has no hands, and Henry has no tread left.


Will Fuller, especially if all three of the big WRs (Treadwell, Doctson, and Coleman) are still on the board. Or Robert Nkemdiche. When a player says he wants to buy a panther after the draft, you have to question his judgment.


I don't think there's anyone that inspires that sort of hate in me this year. Out of the usual suspects, I suppose I'd feel diciest about Will Fuller. Even then, I can rationalize the pick. Frankly, the Texans have earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to first round picks. Second and third rounders are a different story, but I'll probably keep my powder dry in the first no matter who they take.

Kindly bust the preceding entry out the first time Will Fuller goes off for two TDs and 120 yards next season. Our doubt now echoes through the ages and should be thrust back into our faces as soon as events warrant.  And they surely will, because none of us knows what we're talking about.

With that in mind, the lovable cast of HATERS that is your BRB masthead has chimed in with their predictions for the second round. Enjoy.

BFD: Who do the Texans take in the second round after wasting their pick in the first?


Hunter Henry.

Also, I think I've come to terms with the Fuller pick. I'll never like him, due to his ND roots, but I think he can play a specific role in this offense (assuming Brock Osweiler is worth a damn).

Or maybe I'm just drunk.

Capt Ron:

Hopefully Chris Jones or Jarran Reed.

However, it's the second round. You know, that area of the draft where the Texans find a way to blow their legs off seemingly every season after the outstanding selection of DeMeco Ryans.

Not to worry though, as their record of third round picks is even more disappointing. Day Two of the draft just hasn't been their game. "I know, let's have a spelling contest."


Put me down for Nick Martin. Double down on MDC's hatred.


I think they trade up in the second for someone they covet, whether it be Jarran Reed, Andrew Billings, Hunter Henry, or even an offensive lineman like Cody Whitehair or Le'Raven Clark. The top half of the second round is the sweet spot of this draft class, so getting into that range would be a good move.


Hunter Henry. He can be our new Bennie Joppru Owen Daniels.


I don't know who he is, but I'm going Chris Jones. They don't have a DE to replace Jared Crick's neckbeard, and Eddie Pleasant isn't going to.


Austin Hooper, Jarran Reed, or Nick Martin.

What's your prediction for Pick No. 52, ladies and gentlemen?  Let your bold call echo through eternity by leaving it in the Comments.