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2016 NFL Draft Live (Second Round, Pt. 1): Day Two

Rounds two and three are tonight. Watch the draft and have a collective experience with your fellow human beings here at BRB.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After one round, everyone has gone from hating Will Fuller to loving him. After rounds two and three, the same thing will probably happen as some young soul goes from unknown prospect to "ONE OF US." Hopefully, in these rounds, the Texans fill the holes they have at S, DE, C, OLB, KR/PR and some of the other places where they could use talent.

Anyways, here is your first open thread for Round Two as a way to kickstart a wet and wild Friday night, where you can share the draft experience with other BRBers and discuss the riveting anticipation of Houston's selection while everyone else you want falls off the board, what picks the other teams made and the nonsense that spews out of the mouths of talking faces. Once the thread reaches about 500 comments, a new one will be published that you can plop right over to.

Enjoy doing whatever it is you do while watching the draft tonight, everyone.