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2016 NFL Draft Live (Second Round, Pt. 3): Day Two

Rounds two and three are tonight. Watch the draft and have a collective experience with your fellow human beings here at BRB.

You.  Yeah you.  Bring bfd a beer.
You. Yeah you. Bring bfd a beer.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports


  • BE-SFs - Derrick Henry, RB, Alabammy - The goat molesters of Tennessee clearly think it's 1973.  Well done.
  • Lions - A'Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabammy - Well, damn.
  • Aints - Michael Thomas, WR, Ohowihateohiostate - Pretty nice pick here.  Not a burner but a solid, possession guy.
  • Packers - Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana - Damn fine pick here after the Pack moved up.
  • Seahawks - Jarran, screw this.
  • Texans - Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame - I'll overlook the fact he went to ND.  Nice pick for us here.  Really needed addressing.
  • Jets - Christian Hackenburg, QB, A55hole State - Check, Ryan FitzTragic.
  • Falcons - Deion Jones, LB, LSU - Dude is one fast LB.
  • Redskins - Su'a Cravens, LB, USC - Very much a tweener.  The next Deone Buchanon?
Alright, here comes the next thread.  Signed, the Czech Bo Jackson.  Dang, I still need seven more words.  MDC sucks MDC sucks MDC sucks.  Phew, made it!