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2016 Houston Texans Undrafted Free Agent Tracker: Updating As The News Rolls In

The 2016 NFL Draft is over. That doesn't mean the Houston Texans are done putting together their rookie class, and BRB will track who they bring on in this post.

Nobody drafted me, but I ended up doing some things.
Nobody drafted me, but I ended up doing some things.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is over, and the Houston Texans have their draft class.

Now the frothing hordes get to scurry after the players who didn't see their names called this weekend.  Here, hopefully, your Houston Texans can find more fast players to help turn the worst special teams in the league to the twentieth ranked special teams.

In fact, the Texans, with their last draft pick having occurred all the way back in the fifth round, got a jump start on the process.

Maybe they'll even snag a Cinderella story, like Arian Foster, who makes the team and grits his teeth to become a superstar.

This list will be updated as the process goes along.  In the meantime, share any rumors, reports, news, thoughts, or hopes about any UDFAs the Texans are connected to or, in your learned opinion, should be interested in.


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