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2016 BRB NFL Mock Draft: With The Eighteenth Pick, The Indianapolis Colts Select...

It doesn't matter. The Houston Texans have Brock Osweiler.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

With the eighteenth (18th) pick of the 2016 BRB NFL Mock Draft, FreedomRide, on behalf of the Indianapolis Colts, says...

The Indianapolis Colts have a franchise quarterback. They hate him and want him to die. OK, that is perhaps slightly unfair, but one might be forgiven for concluding so upon reviewing the last three drafts by their GM.

Ryan Grigson looks like a Las Vegas escort service "arranger" and drafts like a man who watches too much ESPN. He knows just barely enough about football to realize he has a problem protecting Andrew Luck, the totally undeserved gift from heaven who was delivered by mistake to the Colts in 2012. Trouble is, Grigson's knowledge doesn't extend to knowing what to do about it.

Thus, in 2013, he resolutely went OL in the third and fourth rounds but sadly produced a backup guard and a mediocre center. Realizing his mistake in 2014, he went OL in the second round. This time he didn't totally whiff, taking Jack Mewhort, who is currently serving as one of two decent O-linemen for the Colts. The rest are a collection of turnstiles responsible for Luck's X-rays being featured in sports medicine textbooks.

Why didn't he use his 2014 first-round pick on a stud O-lineman to protect the franchise's greatest asset? Well, see, what had happened was, he had made this trade...

When Grigson does have a first-round pick, he neglects the big issue, taking long-shot bust Björn Werner with his first pick in 2013 (ignoring consensus stud C Travis Frederick) and blowing it on luxury pick WR Phillip Dorsett in 2015. Most of the remainder of the Colts' 2015 draft picks went to defense until a throwaway seventh spent on an OT.

This isn't getting it done, Ryan. You must do better. At this rate, there is a full body cast--or perhaps a different team's uniform--in your QB's future. But fear not; you are not alone. In the full spirit of AFC South collegiality, Battle Red Blog is here to help you. Herewith we offer the pick who will make it at least look like someone is trying to block J.J. Watt on those two occasions each year when he turns your boy Luck into a 6th grade kid, running to protect his lunch money from an 8th grade bully (OK, a kid with a neck beard, but you get the picture):

With the 18th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Cody Whitehair (OG--Kansas State).

Known on the Wildcats team as a tireless worker, Whitehair brings the experience of a 4-year starter in the Big 12 to the NFL. He has the versatility to play guard or tackle, having started at RT, LG and LT while at KSU, though he will probably be best at guard for the Colts, which he says he prefers. (The position, not the Colts. Let's be serious, for heaven's sake.) He could also play center for them, another position of severe need. Ideally, Whitehair would replace two starters on the Colts' line, but that is perhaps asking a bit much of the young man. Whatever position he fills, it will be an improvement for which Andrew Luck, and Frank Gore will be grateful.

(Not that Cody will make any difference in the long run, as Brock Osweiler's arrival in Houston ensures the Colts will not hang another AFCS championship banner for at least a decade. Oh, well, a few "AFCS Runner-Up" banners will still look nice in Lucas Oil. He can help earn those)

Thanks again everyone for the prompt responses and the great analysis. Texstros9495, you're next to keep things rolling and are officially on the clock for the Bills, with your pick due to me by 12 p.m. CDT today.

1. Tennessee Titans--Laremy Tunsil (OT--Ole Miss)

2. Cleveland Browns--Joey Bosa (DE--Ohio State)

3. San Diego Chargers--Jalen Ramsey (CB/S--FSU)

4. Los Angeles Rams--Carson Wentz (QB--NDSU)

5. Jacksonville Jaguars--Myles Jack (LB--UCLA)

6. Baltimore Ravens--DeForest Buckner (DL--Oregon)

7. San Francisco 49ers--Jared Goff (QB--California)

8. Philadelphia Eagles--Vernon Hargreaves III (CB--Florida)

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Ronnie Stanley (OT--Notre Dame)

10. New York Giants--Ezekiel Elliott (HB--Ohowihateohio State)

11. Chicago Bears--A'Shawn Robinson (DE/DT--Alabama)

12. New Orleans Saints--Sheldon Rankins (DT--Louisville)

13. Miami Dolphins--Eli Apple (CB--Ohowihateohio State)

14. Oakland Raiders--Jack Conlin (OT--Michigan State)

15. Dallas Cowboys--Noah Spence (DE/OLB--Eastern Kentucky)

16. Detroit Lions--Laquon Treadwell (WR--Ole Miss)

17. Atlanta Falcons--Darron Lee (LB--Ohio State)

18. Indianapolis Colts--Cody Whitehair (OG--Kansas State)

19. Buffalo Bills--Texstros9495

20. New York Jets--Houstonkingo

21. Washington Redskins--whiteiron

22. Houston Texans--BRB Staff

23. Minnesota Vikings--King_of_the_Gridiron

24. Cincinnati Bengals--Summer of Watt

25. Pittsburgh Steelers--GannonNash

26. Seattle Seahawks--thepencilneck

27. Green Bay Packers--FeedEmToTheWolves1099

28. Kansas City Chiefs--Senor Stan

29. Arizona Cardinals--HovaFlow

30. Carolina Panthers--Vance87

31. Denver Broncos--viper17d