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Fan Reaction To The Houston Texans' 2016 Draft Class

Take a seat. Now tell me, how do you feel?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have heard it all up to this point. We heard Rick Smith talk about how the Texans got the players they wanted. We listened to Bill O'Brien sing about the joy he's going to feel in his heart when he puts pen to paper to craft plays for these speedy beasts the Texans added to the offense. We saw the WAR ROOM hand clasps and handshakes after the picks were made. We saw the beat reporters give their "analysis". We listened to the draft pundits give their thirty second spiel on what makes so-and-so a special player, a potential sleeper, a late round value pick, a bust waiting to happen, or why he's just someone who they can just plug in and play. We scrolled through the newspaper--just kidding, nobody does that anymore. And you kept up to date on our Houston Texans draft coverage here at Battle Red Blog.  For that, we are thankful.

But nobody asked you your opinion. That changes now.

So tell do you feel?

What is your reaction to the Texans' 2016 NFL Draft Class? Which player are you most excited to see this year?  Who has the highest ceiling? Which late round pick will be the first one in the history of this franchise to actually make a difference? How do the first three selections affect Brock Osweiler? Which AFC South team is going to give you nightmares all summer?  Which UDFAs who signed with Houston will make the 53-man roster?  What are you gong to dream about until training camp opens up?

Let us know in the comments below.