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Will Fuller Shows Off Incredible Footwork With "The Footwork King"

The Texans' first round draft pick is an absolutely insane athlete.

Texans first round pick Will Fuller made a name for himself in college with unbelievable deep speed, but it is his quick feet and deadly short-area explosiveness that might be even more impressive. Fuller has been working with the famous "Footwork King", Rischad Whitfield, along with fellow Texans receiver Jaelen Strong since arriving in Houston just three days ago. Most rookies may be out celebrating their newly minted status as a professional football player, but Fuller is doing his best to actually be a professional football player. He may not have been my first choice for a wide receiver pick in the first round, but I’ll be damned if these early training session videos don’t look amazing.

We may just have gotten ourselves a good one after all, folks.