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Leaked Oakland Raiders Draft Evaluations Includes Analysis Of Former Houston Texans

Ever been curious what an NFL team's draft evaluations look like? Someone leaked images from the Raiders' 2010 draft "bible", which includes notes on a couple of former Houston Texans.

Is that a Dorin Dickerson highlight?
Is that a Dorin Dickerson highlight?
Bob Levey/Getty Images

You may have seen this pop up last week in various corners of the Internet. Someone leaked an alleged "draft book" from the Oakland Raiders' 2010 NFL Draft.  I say "alleged," because you can never tell if these things are real.  That said, there's nothing inflammatory or remarkable in these leaks; if they were fake, you'd expect something a little more salacious.

With the NFL Draft freshly in the rear-view, I found this pretty interesting.  The layout, the comment-types, the grading systems, etc.  One other interesting item within these leaks is that there are two evaluations on players who turned out to be Houston Texans.  It seems as if Oakland graded one of these players higher than the Texans and one of them lower.

Garrett Graham was Oakland's 13th-rated Tight End with a 6-7 round grade.  The Texans picked him in the 4th round and he reached a second contract before being cut this offseason and moving on to the loving and familiar arms of Gary Kubiak in Denver.  No mention from the Raiders about his rare "feet for hands" condition, so it looks like at least two NFL teams completely missed that.

Remember Dorin Dickerson? Basically, he was the Stephen Anderson of the Texans' 2010 NFL Draft class.  He was the hybrid/tweener that was going to be a huge sleeper and... well, we know how that turned out.  Dickerson was Oakland's 5th-rated Tight End with a 3-4 round grade behind only Rob Gronkowski, Jermaine Gresham, Aaron Hernandez, and Jimmy Graham (wow what a TE class that turned out to be).  The Texans ended up scooping Dickerson up in the 7th round.  He was gone by 2011 and is currently a free agent, having had stops in Pittsburgh, New England, Detroit, Tennessee, and Buffalo.

If you're interested in draft "stuff" it's definitely an interesting story.  There is a listing of Oakland's draft grades on the Wide Receiver class, as well as specific full-page evaluations on Sam Bradford, Earl Thomas, and Gronk among other pictured items.