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2016 Houston Texans Schedule Predictions, After The NFL Draft: How Many Games Will The Texans Win?

Prediction posts are inherently ridiculous, and penning them before the NFL Draft is over is even more ridiculous. Of course, we did just that. Now BRB wants to know, with the draft behind us, how many games you think the Texans will win in 2016.

16-0, naturally.
16-0, naturally.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL regular season schedule was released about a month ago. The next day, because we are nothing if not desperate for content dumb diligent in our coverage of your Houston Texans, we asked you for your far too early predictions about what the Texans' record would look like.

Now the NFL Draft has come and gone, leaving us with a better idea of what Houston's roster--and the rosters of all the other teams on the schedule, including one that could be without the services of the best quarterback in NFL history when Week Three rolls around--will look like this year. In theory, this additional information should provide you with the ability to make a more accurate prediction. Thus, I ask you on this Friday lunch hour: How many games do you now believe your Houston Texans will win in 2016?

So you don't have to do any hunting for it, here's the Texans' 2016 regular season schedule:

Week One: Bears.
Week Two: Chiefs.
Week Three: @ Patriots (Thursday Night Football).
Week Four: Titans.
Week Five: @ Vikings.
Week Six: Colts (Sunday Night Football).
Week Seven: @ Broncos (Monday Night Football).
Week Eight: Lions.
Week Nine: BYE.
Week Ten: @ Jaguars.
Week Eleven: @ Raiders (Monday Night Football in Mexico City).
Week Twelve: Chargers.
Week Thirteen: @ Packers.
Week Fourteen: @ Colts.
Week Fifteen: Jaguars.
Week Sixteen: Bengals (Christmas Eve; 7:25 p.m. kickoff).
Week Seventeen: @ Titans.

Hit the poll and explain yourself in the Comments below.