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Houston Texans Veterans Prank Incoming Rookies At The J.J. Watt Charity Classic

Welcome to the NFL, kids.

The Texans' 2016 rookie class learned a very valuable lesson last weekend at the annual J.J. Watt Charity Classic – never, ever let your guard down around the veterans.

See? The older guys can still haze the young'uns with some cheeky and/or fun shenanigans without, you know...being a bunch of terrible human beings (I’m looking at you, Richie Incognito). It is nice to see the team already building some comradery this offseason with the new faces on the roster before the real work begins. With any luck, this consistently stable Texans locker room can finally help carry the team out of their longtime slump of mediocrity and back into Super Bowl contention later this fall.