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Is The Clock Ticking For Jaelen Strong With The Arrival Of Will Fuller And Braxton Miller?

The clock ticks for us all. But is it ticking louder or faster for the second-year Texans wide receiver based upon how his rookie season unfolded and the arrival of two rookie wideouts?

What does the arrival of Fuller and Miller mean for Strong in Houston?
What does the arrival of Fuller and Miller mean for Strong in Houston?
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In the aftermath of the 2016 NFL Draft, in which your Houston Texans chose wide receivers in the first (Will Fuller) and third (Braxton Miller) rounds, some questioned whether the organization's decision to devote two premium picks to that position was a referendum on Jaelen Strong's future in Houston. Strong, a player who had first round buzz in certain circles only a year ago before the Texans traded up to grab him in the third round, struggled to consistently produce as a rookie; you can find his game log from Pro Football Reference here.

Of course, stats aren't everything, and rookie wide receivers are notorious for requiring some time for adjustment to the pro game, so it's not like Jaelen Strong should be written off. But does the arrival of Fuller and Miller accelerate the ticking of the clock for Strong to step up? Yahoo's Charles Robinson thinks so. Robinson declares that Houston's second-year wideout is one of the NFL sophomores badly in need of a "reboot" in 2016:

There was some excitement in Houston over Strong when he surprisingly dropped into the third round of the NFL draft. With the departure of Andre Johnson, he seemed a natural fit to receive plenty of opportunities to move up the depth chart. Unfortunately, Strong reported to the offseason program woefully out of shape and never got out of coach Bill O'Brien's doghouse. Effort and dedication were problems. He had two notable on-field moments: a 42-yard Hail Mary touchdown catch early in the season and a six-catch performance in the season finale against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that was crumbling into the offseason. He got arrested for marijuana possession in February, and the Texans drafted two more wideouts (Will Fuller and Braxton Miller) to fill out the depth chart next to DeAndre Hopkins. Strong's opportunity is already shrinking before he heads into Season 2.

What's your feeling on Strong as he prepares to begin his second season in the NFL? What do you expect to see from him in 2016?  By the end of the season, will Jaelen Strong find himself behind two first-year players on the depth chart, or will he firmly establish himself as the second option, behind NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK, for Brock Osweiler in the passing game?