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BRB Notice: Additional Community Guidelines

From time to time, we need to post a refresher and addition to Battle Red Blog's community guidelines. This is one of those times.

Me, after reading some of the comments lately.
Me, after reading some of the comments lately.
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

We don't have many rules here at BRB. Our community guidelines are fairly sparse. In the last few weeks, it has become increasingly apparent I need to revisit those guidelines to specify/add things that I thought were understood but may not have been.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, BRB must be refreshed from time to time with the words of new guidelines. Thus, please consider these additional rules of the house when you're participating in the community and commentary here:

1. No politics. It's an election year, so it can be particularly difficult to escape the bombardment of opinions, debates, analysis, criticism, and yelling about same.  Frankly, I'm not suggesting you should escape or tune out discussion about such things. Get as educated as you wish to be, and go nuts expressing your views to the extent you see fit.

I'm just asking that you don't broach the subject(s) here. There are countless places on the internet that you can go to discuss candidates, laws, ordinances, policies, and so forth. This fan site about the Houston Texans isn't one of them. By all means, have meaningful conversations about those things.  Just don't do it here.

2. Exercise restraint when it comes to using profanity. For quite a long time, we have tried to avoid using profanity in our posts, chiefly on the basis of trying to decrease the chances of BRB ending up on a ban list at various workplaces. We've been fairly liberal (I SAID NO POLITICS, FELLA!) loose with allowing it in the comments so as to not infringe upon your right to express yourself.  But now we're seeing people dropping f-bombs in their signatures, avatars, user names, or simply rattling off expletive after expletive in various comments.  That seems to be a bit much, especially when it's not in a game thread in the immediate aftermath of a Brian Hoyer turnover.

I'm not asking you not to cuss.  I mean, it'd be cool if you didn't, but far be it for me to cast that stone from inside the glass house in which I #%&^ing dwell.  What I am asking is that you consider moderating the use of language that you wouldn't normally shout in a public setting.

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? Other ideas?  Recollections of another call for civility years ago? We can engage in the Comments below, or you can shoot me an e-mail and we can talk about it in a more direct fashion. As always, thanks for your continued consideration and your willingness to ensure BRB remains a place Texans fans want to be.