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2016 NFL Draft: And Now We Go To Jacksonville To See What Jaguars Fans Have To Say...

Forget the media. What do real fans think of what the Jacksonville Jaguars did in the 2016 NFL Draft? THIS IS AWESOME.

Yeah, but where's the beach house?
Yeah, but where's the beach house?
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The opinion of many a NFL fan (including this one) was that the Jacksonville Jaguars had an excellent draft in 2016, led by the heady acquisitions of Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack. Some might even say the Jaguars had the best draft of any team in the NFL.

An overly optimistic assessment?

"Certainly not."

"You can't have a newcomer come in..."

/looks directly at camera


//dramatic pause

"...steal the show."