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Bag Meets 2DH: A Call for Questions, Ideas, and Randomness

Two long-forgotten entities return (briefly) as one!

O'Brien's reaction to the Bag-Hangover mashup.
O'Brien's reaction to the Bag-Hangover mashup.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the type of mashup blockbuster that can only happen when the weather gets warm and the kids are out of school, we this Monday will see a limited-run release of a combined Battle Red Bag and Two-Day Hangover. (Bag of Hangovers? Two-Bag Hangdown? Dunno. We'll work on that.)

I say "we" because, like all Bag-related posts, your help is needed. In case this is your first time stumbling across one of the calls for questions -- or, more likely, in case you're too drunk on this holiday weekend to recall the steps for submitting your thoughtful queries -- here's the drill:

1) You should email me at mattycamp (at) gmail (dot) com.

2) Your email should contain a question that you want me to answer. It can be more or less anything. You might ask why I think Frozen has a really messed up sense of how to deal with a handicapped child and glosses over what would be an almost crippling lack of emotional growth. You might ask whether Brett Kollmann is far more talented than this blog deserves (spoiler: yes). Hell, if you really trust me -- or if you have nowhere else to turn -- you might even ask me about something that has an actual impact on your life. Totally up to you, the question-asking person.

2a) Alternatively, if you don't have a question, but you have an idea for something you'd like to see discussed in 2DH form, those submissions are also welcome. We're crowd-sourcing this mofo.

3) If you want to ensure that the question is actually read, you should put something in the subject line of the email like "Battle Red Bag" or "Question for the Bag" or "BFD's sponge baths are drying out my cuticles."

4) You should (a) be aware that, possibly, not every question will be answered and (b) check back on Monday to read the answers.

5) You should also be aware that questions left in the comments to the "Call for Questions" posts will not be used...unless they are really good or I need filler or I just otherwise choose to do so.

Also...unlike previous Bags, this one has a quick turnaround (because I just decided this morning to try to do the post on Monday), so you're going to need to get your submissions in very quickly.

Like now.

Seriously...stop reading this and send a question or idea already. Don't make me send BFD over there in a speedo.