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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: 5/7/2016

Uhmm, we're almost halfway through the f***ing year?! Discuss the unnatural fast-forwarding of time that has plopped us into May already here on Battle Red Blog.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

We're charging headlong into the month of May, the anticipation and excitement of this year's NFL Draft quickly fading in the horizon behind us. With nothing but mini-camps, training camps, tramp stamps and mandatory workouts to look forward to until August, it's up to all of us to come together to brave the hot summer months to come.

So, Game of Thrones has returned! I'll leave any spoilers to the comments section, but if you're a A Song of Ice and Fire reader watching the show, you're stumbling into unfamiliar territory as most of the sixth season will show us material that's well beyond the five books thus-far released by George R.R. Martin. How's it feel watching the show like the rest of the unwashed, unlearned masses? Is Ramsay Bolton even more hated than Joffrey now? I'm expecting him to start cackling evilly while escaping on his helicopter any second now.

The Houston Astros have begun their 2016 campaign in much the same fashion as the Houston Rockets began their 2015 campaign: UGLY. Almost identically ugly. Sitting at 11-19, the Astros are 18.5% through their schedule; similarly, the Rockets were a dismal 5-10 at 18.5% through their season having already fired their head coach Kevin McHale. Will there be a similar upheaval at Minute Maid Park, and will the subsequent results be just as depressing? Will the Texans be the shining beacon on a hill for a city thirsty for glory?

If you're a gamer, you might've noticed the Battlefield franchise is taking on World War I like no other video game has done before. The Great War was mostly known for grueling trench warfare in which battle lines were moved mere inches at a time and only after thousands of soldiers paid the price first. It'll be interesting to see how the franchise handles it all.

What say you, Texans fans? Feel free to talk about this or anything else you like on this beautiful Saturday night. The floor is yours, but always remember to abide by the community standards.